Sum of Squares Calculator

Sum of squares is a statistical term offering you a regression analysis of a number of values. Using this method, you will estimate the dispersion of the data points. The main achievement behind this is how a series is generated to deal with the data and how you can fit your point in a data series to get the results.

It is the mathematical way to analyze which of the point figure fits best from the given data.

Sum of Squares Calculator Representation

We can write it as SST or TSS


By using the below-mentioned formula, you can get the solution

Sum of Squares = ∑(xi−x¯)2


  • Xi shows the total number of values
  • is the mean of the total values
  • is the summation of all values

Sum of Squares calculator

A sum of squares calculator is the easiest way to get the answer in a few seconds. You do not have to pass through a number of processing to get the final solution out of it. Simply out the values putting the commas in between and the average will be calculated automatically. In the end, summing up all the vales, you will get the sum of squares of the given terms.