Unit Rate Calculator

The simplest to find the relationship between two measurements, quantities, and numbers is through unit rate. But the problem is it involves a difficult process from the basic Mathematical operations that is “Division”. So, it is common to make mistakes or find it difficult to find the answer to this ratio.

To make the process easier and more accurate at the same time, you should use the unit rate calculator. This online maths calculator has been designed for this calculation only. You can use it simply by inserting your values in the given input boxes. Let us show you what this tool is and how you can do this calculation through a manual approach.

What is the unit rate?

Before you learn about the unit rate, you need to understand what the word “rate” means in Mathematics. In this field, the word “rate” shows how a particular measurement is related to the other one. As we know, it is done by taking the ratio between those two measurements or numbers.

The term unit rate is a particular type of relationship in which the denominator will become 1 and gives a whole number as the output instead of a fraction. In simple words, when the denominator will become 1 in the final answer, the relationship will be called the unit rate between those two given measurements.

Unit Rate Formula

This measurement is one of those mathematical terms that don’t have a complex formula. You only have to find the simple ratio in terms of a fraction. Here is the general formula for the unit rate.

Unit rate = First Term / Second Term	

How to find the unit rate?

To find the unit rate, you only have to put the values in the above equation. Let us show you an example related to this measurement for better understanding.

Example 1:

What will be the unit rate of 30 to 0.5?


As we have to find the unit rate of 30 to 0.5, so, 30 will be the first term and 0.5 will be the second term.


 Unit rate = 30/0.5	
= 60	

How to use the unit rate calculator?

Using this online tool by Calculator’s Bag is pretty simple. Just follow these steps to get the answer to the unit rate.

  • Write the first term in the first box
  • Write the second term in the second box
  • This calculator will automatically show the final answer for the unit rate

FAQ | Unit Rate Calculator

What is the unit rate of 250 miles in 5 hours?

The unit rate of 250 miles in 5 hours will be 50 miles per hour.

What is the unit rate of speed?

The unit rate of speed is measured by dividing the distance covered at a specific time.

What is the unit rate of 180 miles in 3 hours?

The unit rate of 180 miles in 3 hours will be 60 miles per hour.

What are the real applications of a unit rate?

The real applications of a unit rate involve speed calculation and unit price calculation.