Vector Magnitude Calculator

What is a vector?

If an object (a) has magnitudes along with direction, it is known as a vector. To determine the magnitude, we require to measure the length of the vector. e.g., momentum, velocity, displacement, energy, etc.

Vector Magnitude Calculator Explanation

A vector's magnitude is applied to determine the length for a given vector ( suppose: v ), then the magnitude of vector v is denoted as |v|. So fundamentally, this amount is the length between the initial point and the final point of the vector.
To determine the magnitude of the vector, we apply the distance formula, which we will discuss below;


Assume AB is a vector quantity possessing both magnitude and direction. To determine the vector AB's magnitude, we have to measure the distance in the initial point A and final point B. In XY – plane, let A holds coordinates (x0, y0) and B holds coordinates (x1, y1). Hence, by applying the distance formula, the magnitude of vector AB can be formulated as;

\[|\overrightarrow {AB} | = \sqrt {\mathop {\left( {\mathop x\nolimits_1 - \mathop x\nolimits_0 } \right)}\nolimits^2 + \mathop {\left( {\mathop y\nolimits_1 - \mathop y\nolimits_0 } \right)}\nolimits^2 } \]


For more clear understanding let’s have a look at the example below;

Determine the magnitude of the vector AB having (1, 2) coordinates in initial point A and (4, 3) coordinates in final point B.


Given data

A = (1, 2)
B = (4, 3)

To find

The magnitude of the vector = ?

we know,

\[|\overrightarrow {AB} | = \sqrt {\mathop {\left( {\mathop x\nolimits_1 - \mathop x\nolimits_0 } \right)}\nolimits^2 + \mathop {\left( {\mathop y\nolimits_1 - \mathop y\nolimits_0 } \right)}\nolimits^2 } \]

From the above formula, let’s get the value of

x0 = 1
y0 = 2
x1 = 4
y1 = 3

Using distance formula,

\[|\overrightarrow {AB} | = \sqrt {\mathop {\left( {4 - 1} \right)}\nolimits^2 + \mathop {\left( {3 - 2} \right)}\nolimits^2 } \] \[|\overrightarrow {AB} | = \sqrt {\mathop {\left( 3 \right)}\nolimits^2 + \mathop {\left( 1 \right)}\nolimits^2 } \] \[|\overrightarrow {AB} | = \sqrt {9 + 1} = \sqrt {10} \]

The magnitude of |AB| is

\[|\overrightarrow {AB} | = 10\]

Calculator use

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