Variable Definition

In Mathematics, some alphabets can be seen in an equation that represents unknown values. All those alphabets that are representing unknown quantities are called variables. These are mainly used in Algebraic Expressions.


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For example, In

3x – 7 = 12

is a variable because it is representing an unknown value.

Types of Variables

There are two main types of variables in Mathematics. Let us show you what are those types and how they are different from each other.

  • Dependent Variables: A variable whose value depends on another variable of the same equation is called the dependent variable.
  • Represents all the numbers given in the set
  • Independent variables: variable whose value doesn’t depend on any other variable of the equation is called an independent variable.


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You can understand these types by understanding the following table

Independent Variable,"x" Dependent Variable, y = 2x -3
2 1
3 3
4 5
5 7

As we can see the change in the value of “x” is changing the value of “y”. It means that “x” is an independent variable while “y” is a dependent variable.

Other parts of an equation

An equation doesn’t include variables only but it has other parts too. Here are those parts with their definitions.

  • Constant: All those numbers that don’t change their values, in any case, are called Constants. For example, 5 is a constant in this equation 3x = 5
  • Operator: It is the the mathematical operator that is used to connect different terms in the equation. For example, “+” is an operator in this equation 3x + 5 = 0.
  • Coefficients: It is a number or letter that is multiplied by the variable given in the equation. For example, “3” is the coefficient in this equation 3x + 5 = 0.


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What is the opposite of the variable in an equation?

In a mathematical expression, the opposite of the variable is called a constant. It is the number that doesn’t change with variations in the equation or variable values. Normally, these are numbers but in some cases, these are also represented by alphabets in addition to variables.


What is a variable in Math?

It is the term that represents the unknown value in any equation.

What are two types of variables in Math?

In Mathematics, two types of variables are called the dependent variable and the independent variable.

How do you identify a variable?

The term that keeps changing its values with respect to changes in an equation will be a variable.

Is a variable a number?

No, a variable can’t be a number because every number has a specific value.

Is 7 a constant or variable?

“7” is a constant number because it won’t change its values in any case.