Vertex Definition

The point where different lines meet is called a Vertex. In simple words, it is the conjunction point where two or more lines meet with each other. Vertex is also termed as a corner in simple language.

This term was used for the first time in the Euclidean Geometry book that was published in the 19th century. It is one of the most important concepts in this field of Mathematics because almost all shapes include vertex.


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Significance of vertex in Mathematics

As mentioned earlier, Vertex is one of the most important and basic concepts of this field. You can have an idea about the importance of this term by its usage. Multiple shapes are given names in Geometry on the basis of the number of vertexes.

For example, Pentagon is given this name because of the five vertices that this shape has. Similarly, many other shapes are given their names based on the number of vertices and angles.


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Fun Facts about Vertex

  • A rectangle and square have 4 vertices.
  • A triangle has 3 vertices.
  • A cube has 8 vertices.
  • The only closed shape without a vertex is Circle.
  • Two parallel lines moving in the same direction will never make a vertex.
  • A vertex will always give an angle at the point of intersection.

Terms related to Vertex

In Mathematics, different terms are used related to Vertex in Geometry. These terms are directly or indirectly related to this definition. Let us show you those terms here briefly.

  • Vertex Angle: The angle that is formed at the vertex point is called the vertex angle. In simple words, the angle formed by the intersection of two rays will be a vertex angle.
  • Edges: The line that joins two vertices is called an edge. It is also said to be a connecting line between two vertices.


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Does a circle have any vertex?

No, a circle has no vertex because it has no connecting point.

How many vertices a triangle has?

A triangle has three vertices as it has three corners.

How many vertices a cone has?

A cone has only one vertex as its two sides connect at only one point. The upper part of the cone is like a circle that has no vertex.

Is there any other term used to represent vertex?

Yes, a vertex is also termed a Node in different books and fields.