BEE Calculator

The amount of adequate energy required by your body for your essential organisms' movement per day is known as BEE (Basal Energy Expenditure).

Kcal/day or kJ/day are the units used in the calculation of BEE.


Formula of BEE Calculator

By using the formula listed below, you can easily find BEE. We have written the formula in both the metric and imperial systems to understand units more precisely. However, the formula may vary for males and females.

How to calculate BEE?

To determine the basal energy expenditure, you must know the four essential components listed below:

  • Height

  • Age

  • Sex

  • Weight

BEE in Metric System

For Men

BEE = 66.5 + (13.75 * weight in kg) + (5.003 * height in cm) - (6.775 * age)

For Women

BEE = 655.1 + (9.563 * weight in kg) + (1.850 * height in cm) - (4.676 * age)

BEE in Imperial System

For Men

BEE = 66 + (6.2 * weight in pounds) + (12.7 * height in inches) – (6.76 * age in years)

For Women

BEE = 65.51 + (4.35 * weight in pounds) + (4.7 * height in inches) - (4.7 * age in years)


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For a more precise understanding, let's have an example below:

Suppose a 32-year-old man has a height of 5.6 ft and a weight of 72kg, then calculate the BMI he needs in a day. To solve the problem narrated above, we will use the bee formula written in the metric system.

Given data

Age = 32 years
Height = 5.6ft = 170.7 cm
Weight = 72kg

To Find

Basal Energy Expenditure = BEE = ?


To solve the above problem, we will use the formula listed below:

BEE = 66.5 + (13.75 * weight in kg) + (5.003 * height in cm) - (6.775 * age)

Putting values in the above equation

BEE = 66.5 + (13.75 * 72) + (5.003 * 170.7) - (6.775 * 32)
BEE = 1693 kacl/day

Here we get the density of that object.

How to use BEE Calculator?

The steps to use the BEE calculator are as follows:

Step 1: Enter the value of weight in the first required input.

Step 2: Enter the value of height in the second required input.

Step 3: Enter the value of age in the third required input.

Step 4: The calculator will automatically display an answer on the screen.

Calculator use

To find the Basal Energy Expenditure your body needs, enter the required values, and the BEE Calculator will automatically generate the most precise answer on the screen.