Angle Definition

In geometry, an angle is defined as the amount of turn formed between two lines. Whereas, these two lines are known as arms of the vertex, and at the joint end where these arms meet is called the vertex of an angle.

A symbol used to represent an angle is '∠'. Moreover, the word angle is driven from the Latin word "Angulus". The SI unit to measure an angle in degree, symbolized as "°".

Usually, these degrees of an angle are calculated using a protector. For instance, if two different lines meet at the same point, an angle formed between them can be measured using a protector and written in forms like 30°, 45°, 60°. In addition, there are many types of angles based on angle's value in degree.

For example, if two lines form an angle of 90°, it can be called a right-angle triangle. For a more precise understanding, check out an image attached below:



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